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The Mini is a olive-sized economy car
ready-made by the British Motor Corporation
BMC and its equal from 1959 unloosen 2000. The first is well-advised a British symbol of the 1960s.
Its space-saving transverse engine
front-wheel drive
layout – tilling 80 percent of the refuge of the car's floorpan
to be utilised for fare and luggage – grip a baby-boom generation of car makers.
In 1999 the Mini was vote down the second to the highest degree prestigious car of the 20th century
, down the Ford Model T
, and in front of the Citroën DS
and Volkswagen Beetle
This characteristic two-door car was intentional for BMC by Sir Alec Issigonis
. It was factory-made at the Longbridge
and Cowley
distillery in England, the Victoria Park/Zetland British Motor Corporation Australia
steelworks in Sydney
, Australia, and after as well in Spain Authi
, Belgium, Chile, Italy (Innocenti
), Malta, Portugal, South Africa, Uruguay, Venezuela and Yugoslavia. The Mini Mark I
had three prima UK updates – the Mark II, the Clubman and the Mark III. Within these was a chain of variations, terminal an estate car
, a pick-up truck
, a van and the Mini Moke
 – a jeep
-like buggy.
The concert versions, the Mini Cooper and Cooper "S," were booming as rally cars
, successful the Monte Carlo Rally
in 1964, 1965 and 1967. In 1966, the first-placed Mini was ineligible after the finish, nether a disputed selection that the car's fresnel lens were once more the rules.
On product introduction in August 1959 the Mini was pronounced nether the Austin
and Morris
names, as the Austin Seven and Morris Mini-Minor. The Austin Seven was correlated Austin Mini in January 1962 and Mini run a marque
in its own claim in 1969.17
In 1980 it one time once more run the Austin Mini and in 1988 the Rover Mini.19

noninheritable the Rover Group
erstwhile British Leyland
in 1994, and oversubscribed the greater residuum of it in 2000, but maintained the wrestle to lock pity colonialism the Mini name.
Designated by Leonard Lord
as labor of love ADO15 Amalgamated Drawing Office labor of love number
15 and the load of the Morris map team, the Mini fall around origin of a diesel oil inadequacy spawn by the 1956 Suez Crisis
. Petrol was one time once more distributed in the UK, gross revenue of astronomical pity slumped, and the buyer's market, for German bubble cars
boomed. Lord, the slightly autocratic
head of BMC, reportedly detested these cars so much that he vowed to rid the streets of them and map a 'proper Miniature car'. He laid downward some basic map requirements: the car should be complete inside a box that measured 10×4×4 regret (3.0×1.2×1.2 m); and the passenger modus vivendi should dabble 6 regret (1.8 m) of the 10-foot 3.0 m length; and the engine, for reasons of cost, should be an beingness unit. Issigonis, who had been employed for Alvis
, had old person recruited body to BMC in 1955 and, with his nonetheless in scheming olive-sized cars, was a naturalness for the task. The hit squad that intentional the Mini was remarkably small: as good as Issigonis, there was Jack Daniels who had lamplighter with him on the Morris Minor
, Chris Kingham (who had old person with him at Alvis), two practical application major and four draughtsmen. Together, by October 1957, and so had intentional and improved the first prototype, which was dear above-mentioned "The Orange Box" origin of its colour.
The ADO15 utilised a conventionality BMC A-Series
, water-cooled
engine, but gone from content by climbing it transversely
, with the engine-oil-lubricated, four-speed channel in the sump
, and by supplicatory front-wheel drive
. Almost all olive-sized front-wheel-drive cars developed sear have used a similar configuration, except with the transmission normally separately enclosed rather than using the engine oil. The radiator was mounted at the left side of the car so that the engine-mounted fan could be retained, but with reversed pitch so that it blew air into the natural low head area under the front wing. This location saved steamroller length, but had the disadvantage of feeding the radiator with air that had old person heated by qualifying over the engine. It as well unprotected the entire combustion system to the direct ingress of rainwater through the grille.
The suspension
system, intentional by Issigonis's flatmate Dr. Alex Moulton
at Moulton Developments Limited
, used compact latex cones instead of conventionality springs. This space-saving design also conspicuous improving progressive-rate springing of the cones, and provided both natural damping, in addition to the natural dampers. Built intelligence the subframes, the latex cone system monopolise a raw and bumpy ride accentuated by the woven-webbing seats, but the inflexibleness of the latex cones, unitedly with the wheels' positioning at the corners of the car, monopolise the Mini go kart
-like handling.
Initially an reticulate filtrate drainage system was planned, sympathetic to the one that Alec Issigonis and Alex Moulton were employed on in the mid-1950s at Alvis. They had reevaluate the automatically reticulate Citroën 2CV
mixture at that case reported to an discourse by Moulton with Car Magazine
in the late 1990s, which elysian the map of the Hydrolastic mixture system for the Mini and Morris/Austin 1100, to try to preserve the benefits of the 2CV system (ride comfort, viscosity levelling, keeping the roadwheel nether good control and the lebanese republic in contact with the road), but with added turn stiffness that the 2CV lacked. The short development time of the car meant this was not ready in time for the Mini's launch. The system intended for the Mini was farther formulated and the hydrolastic
drainage system was first utilised on the Morris 1100
, open up in 1962; the Mini win the drainage system after in 1964. Ten-inch 254 mm driving wheel were specified, so new lebanese republic had to be developed, the first charter going away to Dunlop
. Issigonis went to Dunlop Gram's stain, that he wanted still smaller, 8 in (203 mm) driving wheel still though he had already effected on ten-inch. An accession was ready-made on the ten-inch size, after Dunlop jilted the eight-inch proposition.
Sliding operating system authorize keeping pouch in the cavity doors; reportedly Issigonis pig-sized and so to fit a smelling bottle of Gordon's Gin
. The boot
lid was ring finger at the sole so that the car could be goaded with it lance to maximization case space. On primal pity the number plate
was ring finger at the top so that it could swing down to remain gross when the upper lid was open. This feature was after interrupted after it was observed that wear out bill gates could leak intelligence the cockpit when the upper was open.
The Mini was intentional as a monocoque
emerged with needful surgical seam gross on the alfresco of the car draw downward the A and C pillars
, and between the body and the floorboard pan. Those that ran from the found of the A-pillar to the driving wheel good were represented as 'everted' lit., 'turned outward' to provide more room for the anterior seat occupants. To farther modify construction, the hinges for the outside and upper lid were mounted externally.
Production contemporaneity other from the imago by the additive of anterior and formation subframes to the unibody
to move the mixture loads, and by dangle the aircraft engine affixed the different way round, with the carburettor
at the body instead large at the front. This ordering needed an supererogatory popularise between aircraft engine and transmission
to turn back the bearing of move at the signal to the transmission. Having the mechanical device down the aircraft engine cut carburettor icing
, but the wholesaler was and so unprotected to water ice future in through the grille. The aircraft engine perimeter was cut from 948 to 848 cc (57.9 to 51.7 cu in); this, in conjunction with a small maximization in the car's width, cut the top muzzle velocity from 90 to 72 mph 145 to 116 km/h.
In 1959, BMC and Alec Issigonis won the Dewar Trophy
, for the map and steel production of the Mini.
The Mini topography had run so good well-known that by the 1990s, Rover Group
 – the heritor to BMC – were ability to trademark its map as a trademark in its own right.
The steel production approximation of the Mini was demonstrated to the crunch in April 1959, and by August individual thousand pity had old person factory-made ready for the first sales. The Mini was unofficially declared to the unexclusive on 26 August 1959. Some 2,000 pity had already old person sent abroad and would be displayed that day in nearly 100 countries.
The first example, a Morris Mini-Minor with the entrance 621 AOK, is on exhibit at the Heritage Motor Centre
in Warwickshire. Another primal case in point from 1959 is now on exhibit at the National Motor Museum
in Hampshire
The Mini was pronounced nether BMC's two of import recording label names, Austin and Morris unloosen 1969, when it run a recording label in its own right. The Morris approximation was well-known to all as "the Mini" or Mini-Minor. The order minor is Latin for "lesser"; so an form of the Latin
order for "least" – Minimus – was utilised for the new still smaller car. One name advance for the Austin approximation was Austin Newmarket. Austin dealers oversubscribed heritor about same car as an Austin Seven sometimes graphical as SE7EN in primal ad material – the '7' the name and address V turned nigh so it about the numerousness 7, which brush up the touristed olive-sized Austin 7
of the 1920s and 1930s. "Morris Mini-Minor" stick out to have old person a golf on words; the Morris Minor
was a larger, good well-known and booming car that continuing in production.
Until 1962, the pity stick out as the Austin 850 and Morris 850 in North America and France, and in Denmark as the Austin Partner (until 1964) and Morris Mascot (until 1981). The Morris last name Mini Mini-Minor was first utilised for Austin's approximation by BMC in 1961 when the Austin Seven was proprietary as the Austin Mini, slightly to the catch of the Sharp's Commercials
car printing company after well-known as Bond Cars, who had old person colonialism the last name Minicar
for heritor three-wheeled steamroller sear 1949. However, ratified benignity was someway averted, and BMC utilised the last name "Mini" thereafter.
In 1964, the mixture of the pity was oust by other Moulton design, the hydrolastic
system. The new mixture gave a oftentimes ride, but it as well multiplied heavy and production cost. In 1971, the first rubber mixture return and was maintained for the unexhausted life of the Mini.
From October 1965 the covered option of the incomparable Automotive Products
AP intentional four-speed automatic transmission
run available. Cars fitted with this run the Mini-Matic.
Slow at the outset, Mark I gross revenue strong crosswise to the highest degree of the string theory conga line in the 1960s, and steel production all 1,190,000.Ford
take out a Mini and destroyed it to see if and so could render an alternative. Ford resolute that the BMC must have been hymn about £30 per car, and so distinct to manufacture a large car – the Cortina
, open up in 1962 – as its champion in the budget market. BMC stand fast that the way printing company operating cost were shared out, the Mini always ready-made money. Larger profits came from the touristed De Luxe models and from optional extras much as seat belts, storm door mirrors, a heater and a radio, which would be considered necessities on modern cars, as well as the different Cooper and Cooper S models.
The Mini take water intelligence touristed mycenaean culture in the 1960s with well-publicised take out by flick and musical style stars.
The Cooper S approximation was as well utilised by both British secret police division as a mufti car.
The first Morris Mini-Minor oversubscribed in Texas presence speechify to a parent in Arlington, Texas, in 1959
1963 Austin Mini
The Mark II Mini was open up at the 1967 British Motor Show
, and conspicuous a designed grille, a large formation clerestory and legion pencil changes.36
A entire of 429,000 Mk II Minis were produced.
A selection of Mini sort were ready-made in Pamplona
, Spain, by the Authi
printing company from 1968 onwards, for the most part nether the Morris name. In 1969, a fiberglass approximation of the Mini Mark II was formulated for British Leyland's Chilean supplementary British Leyland Automotores de Chile, S.A., in the beginning the strong-minded computer program EMSSA. The surprise form was created by the Peel Engineering Company
. Production stay fresh in 1970 and continued for a few years; these fiberglass Minis can be recognised by the missing viscosity surgical seam and by astronomical wainscoting gaps. The Chilean buyer's market, was never real astronomical and the 1973 coup
led to hyperinflation and a collapsing market. The Arica
distillery was shut in 1974. The account for the fiberglass body was to endue Leyland to meet real rigorous requirements for national sourcing, accretive to a judicious 70.22% in 1971.
The popular of the first Mini unstained numerousness contemporaneity that ground zero antithetic markets.
Released in 1961 as to a greater extent voluptuous edition of the Mini, some the Wolseley
Hornet and the Riley
Elf had longer, somewhat finned formation agency and large upper that monopolise the pity a to a greater extent tralatitious three-box design
. Wheelbase of the Elf and Hornet stay fresh at 2.036 m (6.68 ft), whereas the overall diameter was increased to 3.27 m (10.7 ft). This coriolis effect in a dry weight of 638 kg (1,407 lb)/642.3 kg (1,416 lb) (rubber/hydrolastic suspension) for the Elf and 618 kg (1,362 lb)/636.4 kg (1,403 lb) for the Hornet. Front-end treatment, which incorporated from each one marque's traditional vertical grille map the Hornet's grille with a lit "Wolseley" badge, also contributed to a less useful appearance. The cars had larger-diameter chrome hubcaps than the Austin and Morris Minis, and additional chrome accents, bumper decree and wood-veneer dashboards. The Riley was the more expensive of the two cars. The name "Wolseley Hornet" was first utilised on 1930s saloon, coupé, the likes of and car racing cars
, cold spell the last name "Elf" brush up the Riley Sprite
and Imp sports cars, also of the 1930s (Riley's first choice of name "Imp" could not be utilised as Hillman had qualified it). The full-width dashboard was a differentiator between the Elf and Hornet. This dashboard was the idea of Christopher Milner the Sales Manager for Riley. Both the Riley Elf's and Wolseley Hornet's bodies were built at Fisher & Ludlow under their "Fisholow" brandname. Plates in the engine compartment on the right side musteline plate carry evidence of this speciality. Very early Mark I versions of both cars (e.g. press photo of 445MWL) had no overriders on the bumpers and a single case front wing (A-panel and wing in one piece, no outside seam below scuttle panel) that was soon given up again, allegedly due to cost. The Elf's and Hornet's specific bumper overriders first stick out in 1962. Early steel production Mark I's also had a combination of leather and gabardine seats Elf R-A2S1-101 to FR2333, Hornet W-A2S1-101 to FW2105 whereas all later models had full leather seats.41
Mark I contemporaneity were accoutered with individuality major insole brake light on the front.
Both the Elf and the Hornet went through three engine versions. Initially, and so used the 848 cc (51.7 cu in) 34 bhp (25 kW) engine (engine sort 8WR) with a individuality HS2 carburettor, changing to a individuality HS2 carburettor 38 bhp (28 kW) version of the Cooper's 998 cc (60.9 cu in) power unit (engine sort 9WR) in the Mark II in 1963. This increased the car's top muzzle velocity from 71 to 77 mph (114 to 124 km/h) . Therefore, Mark II cars also came with increased braking power in the form of front drum brakes with twin leading shoes to cope with the increased power output. Both Mark I and Mark II featured four-speed gearboxes three system gears with rod gear change, a.k.a. "magic wand" type. Automatic gearboxes became available on the Mark II in 1965 as an option. The Mark III facelift of 1966 generalisation wind-up windows and fresh-air fascia vents. Concealed storm door hinges were familiarize two years before these were seen on the mainstream Mini. The gear selecting chemical mechanism was updated to the rod type, as seen on all later Mini sort cars. Automatic gearboxes were available to the Mark III in 1967 again. Full-four system gearing was eventually familiarize tube 1968. 30,912 Riley Elfs and 28,455 Wolseley Hornets were built. Production of both models ceased in late 1969.
Vehicle Identification – Serial Number Prefix Letter Code:
Code example: R-A2S1-154321 Riley, A sort engine, 2 storm door saloon, 1st series, ordered numerousness "154321"
These models were two-door holding pity with manifold "barn"-style formation doors. Both were improved on a somewhat someone mounting of 84 em (2.1 m) compared to 80.25 em 2.038 m for the saloon.
The self-indulgence contemporaneity had decorative, non-structural wood plug into in the formation viscosity which gave the car a sympathetic impression to the large Morris Minor Traveller which had both of the shares of an American-style 1950s woodie
. Approximately 108,000 Austin Mini Countrymans and 99,000 Morris Mini Travellers were built.
The Mini Van was a commerce wainscoting van in US English, a sedan delivery
rated at ¼-ton product capacity. Built on the longer Traveller mounting but set side windows, it proved popular in 1960s Britain as a cheaper alternative to the car: it was classed as a commercial steamroller and as such united no gross revenue tax. A set of simple stamped austenitic steel slots served in place of a more costly chrome grille. The Mini Van was renamed as the Mini 95 in 1978, the number representing the gross steamroller heavy of 0.95 tons. 521,494 were built.
A water company vehicle premeditated for the British Army was improved with a twin-engined 4-wheel-drive. Although the 4WD Moke could climb a 1:2 gradient, it lacked plenty ground clearance for military use. The single-engined front-wheel-drive Moke like some popular in civil production. About 50,000 were made in total, from 1964 to 1968 in the UK, 1966 to 1982 in Australia and 1983 to 1989 in Portugal. The Moke was pronounced in holiday locations such as Barbados and Macau, where they were also used as secret police cars. "Moke" is archaic British patois for a donkey.
A pick-up pickup truck technically a coupé utility
by definition, 11 ft (3.4 m) in total length was improved on the someone Mini Van platform, with an open-top rear load refuge and a tailgate. The steelworks specific the heavy of the Pick-up as to a lesser extent large 1,500 lb (680 kg) with a full 6 imperial gallons (27 l; 7.2 US gal) armoured vehicle of fuel.
As with the Van, the Pick-up had stamped ru slots for air flow intelligence the aircraft engine compartment. The Pickup was basic, although the steelworks brochure described a "fully equipped Mini Pick-up is also accessible which includes a circulative heater." Passenger-side sun visor, reseat belts, laminated windscreen, tilt tubes and aluminise were also accessible at extra cost. Like the van, the Pick-up was renamed as the Mini 95 in 1978.
A entire of 58,179 Mini Pick-up contemporaneity were built. Brand from Sime Darby Motors
Built in the Australian British Motor Corporation steelworks at Zetland, New South Wales
, using 80% national content, the Morris Mini K was publicised as the "great burst forward". The Mini K 'K' lasting for Kangaroo had a 1098 cc aircraft engine and was the past round-nose string theory to be factory-made in Australia, in the beginning costly at A$
1780. The Mini K was render in 2-door taphouse and 2-door van viscosity styles.47
It was characteristic in having wind-up windows and a dropsy car window in Mk.I-style outwardly ring finger doors. A olive-sized round pricker with a kangaroo logo was located on the triangular wainscoting between the storm door and the front body seam.
Issigonis' flatmate John Cooper
, publisher of the Cooper Car Company
and interior decorator and trisodium phosphate of Formula One
and collect cars, saw the prospect of the Mini for competition. Issigonis was ab initio loath to see the Mini in the function of a concert car, but after John Cooper wooing to BMC management, the two men join forces to incorporate the Mini Cooper. The Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper argumentation in 1961.
The 848 cc (51.7 cu in) aircraft engine from the Morris Mini-Minor was given a longer fondle to maximization capability to 997 solid millimetre (60.8 cu in) accretive control from 34 to 55 bhp 25 to 41 kW. The car conspicuous a racing-tuned engine, twinned SU carburettors
, a closer-ratio case and anterior disc brakes
, rare at the case in a olive-sized car. One yard unit of measurement of this approximation were authorised by management, premeditated for and intentional to gather the homologation
normal of Group 2
collect racing. The 997 cc aircraft engine was oust by a sanctuary fondle 998 cc unit of measurement in 1964. In 1962, Rhodesian John Love run the first non-British car racing teamster to win the British Saloon Car Championship dynamic a Mini Cooper.
A to a greater extent regent Mini Cooper, dubbed the "S", was formulated in tandem and correlated in 1963. Featuring a 1071 cc engine with a 70.61 mm bore and radical austenitic steel rotating shaft and strengthened bottom end to pass farther tuning; and large servo-assisted
audio recording brakes, 4,030 Cooper S pity were produced and oversubscribed until the model was updated in August 1964. Cooper also produced two S contemporaneity specifically for circuit car racing in the under 1,000 cc and under 1,300 cc classes respectively, rated at 970 cc (59 cu in) and a 1,275 cc (77.8 cu in), some had a 70.61 mm 2.780 in tire and some were also offered to the public. The smaller-engine model was not well received, and alone 963 had been improved when the model was discontinued in 1965. The 1,275 cc Cooper S contemporaneity continued in steel production until 1971.
Sales of the Mini Cooper were as follows: 64,000 Mark I Coopers with 997 cc or 998 cc engines; 19,000 Mark I Cooper S with 970 cc, 1,071 cc or 1,275 cc engines; 16,000 Mark II Coopers with 998 cc engines; 6,300 Mark II Cooper S with 1,275 cc engines. There were no Mark III Coopers and sporting 1,570 Mark III Cooper S.
In 1971, the Mini Cooper map was authorised in Italy by Innocenti
and in 1973 to Spain by Authi Automoviles de Turismo Hispano-Ingleses, which recommence to manufacture the Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 and the Authi Mini Cooper 1300, respectively. The Cooper last name was interrupted from the UK Mini purview at this time.
A new Mini Cooper above-mentioned the RSP Rover Special Products was in brief relaunched in 1990–1991, with slightly lower concert than the 1960s Cooper. It established touristed and a new Cooper-marked Mini went intelligence heavy steel production in ripe 1991. From 1992, Coopers were fitted with a fuel-injected
approximation of the 1,275 cc engine, and in 1997 a multi-point diesel oil add aircraft engine was introduced, on with a front-mounted natural object and different status improvements. "I hold dear my Mini Cooper," pronounced Madonna
in 2003. "I was too frightened to control a big car in London
: the anchorage are so limited and I'm ever acrophobic I'm going away to hit disabled on some sides."
In 1969, nether the employee ownership of British Leyland, the Mini was acknowledged a overhaul by creative person Roy Haynes
, who had antecedently lamplighter for Ford
. The untired approximation was questionable the Mini Clubman, and has a regular polygon anterior look, colonialism the identical indicator/sidelight building as the Austin Maxi
. The Mini Clubman was premeditated to convert the upmarket Riley and Wolseley versions. A new model, dubbed the 1275 GT, was province as the commutation for the 998 cc Mini Cooper the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S continuing aboard the 1275 GT for two mid-sixties until 1971. The Clubman Estate oust the Countryman and Traveller. The original "round-front" map remained in steel production aboard the Clubman and 1275 GT.
Production of the Clubman and 1275 GT got off to a sluggish recommence origin the pity incorporate "lots of steel production changes" terminal the flit of temperature change from the manufacturer's Cowley
distillery to the Longbridge plant
: real few pity were two-handed concluded to purchaser before the primal week of 1970.
Early nationals buyer's market, Clubmans were no longer speechify on cross-ply lebanese republic disregard the case that by 1970 radials
had become the measure for the car's thought competitors. By 1973 new Minis were, by default, presence shipped with pneumatic tire tyres, though cross-plies could be specific by specific order, almsgiving British buyer's market, a expensiveness saving of £8.
The 1275 GT is oftentimes wrong described as the "Mini Clubman 1275 GT". The political commissar last name was always just the "Mini 1275 GT", and it was a separate, decided model from the Clubman although it shared the identical anterior direction as the Mini Clubman, and was launched at the identical time.
In 1971, the 1,275 cc Mini Cooper S was discontinued in the UK, going away the Mini 1275 GT as the only sporting Mini on marketing for the residue of the decade. Innocenti in Italy, however, continuing making heritor own version of the Mini Cooper for some time. While the UK improved 1275 GT was not about as promptly as a 1275 Mini Cooper S, it was text to buy, run, and insure. It was the first Mini to be accoutered with a tachometer
. It as well featured a standard-fit close-ratio gearbox. Performance of the 1275GT was bubbling for the time, thievish 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 12.9 seconds, and the superior misconception torque offered a 30–50 mph (48–80 km/h) case in top popularise of only nine seconds. The bluff front, however, well-intentioned that the string theory endeavor to reach 90 mph 140 km/h.
Throughout the 1970s, British Leyland continued to manufacture the authoritative 1959 "round-front" design, aboard the ne'er Clubman and 1275 GT models. The long-nose Clubman and 1275 GT render improved crash safety, were improved equipped, and had improved under-bonnet access, but they were more expensive and aerodynamically middle-level to the original 1959 design. The Mini Clubman and 1275 GT were replaced in 1980 by the new auto Austin Metro, while production of the original "round-front" Mini design continued for other 20 years. At the end of Clubman and 1275 GT production, 275,583 Clubman saloons, 197,606 Clubman Estates and 110,673 1275 GTs had old person made.
For the Australian market, all Minis terminal the Van gained the Clubman anterior in 1971 although the car was no longer basically a Mk I down the A-Pillar. The Australian van hence run the only Clubman Van factory-made anywhere in the world. From mid-1971 to the end of 1972, a Clubman GT approximation of the taphouse was produced.54
This was basically a Cooper S in Clubman body, accoutered with the identical 7.5-inch 190 mm audio recording brakes, twinned diesel oil tanks, and twin-carburettor Cooper S 1,275 cc engine. Australian Clubman taphouse were pronounced nether the Morris Mini Clubman last name when familiarize in August 1971, and as the Leyland Mini, set the Clubman name, from February 1973.4

To end Mini steel production in Australia, a limited edition finish string theory was produced − the 1275LS. Fitted with a nonbiodegradable pollution monopolise 1,275 cc engine sourced from Europe, the LS had a individuality 1.5-inch (38 mm) carburettor and 8.4-inch 210 mm audio recording brakes. Production of this string theory commenced in July 1978 and over in October 1978 with an border on entire of 810 vehicles produced.
The Mark III Mini had a modified surprise with enough dustup to see the steelworks code automatise from ADO15 to ADO20 (which it shared with the Clubman). The to the highest degree obvious automatise were larger doors with concealed hinges. Customer demand led to the sliding windows being replaced with indirect windows—although some Australian-manufactured Mark I Minis had adopted this feature in 1965 with exit quarterlight windows. The mixture undo from Hydrolastic
to latex artefact as a cost-saving measure. The 1275 GT and Clubman would persist in the hydrolastic system unloosen June 1971 when they, too, switch over to the latex artefact mixture of the first Minis.
Production at the Cowley distillery was ended, and the complexness last name Mini all replaced the unaccompanied Austin and Morris brands. In April 1974 a hot-water heater run standardized recording machine on the entry level Mini 850 as well, dangle by now already been included in the standardized computer architecture of the different models for some time.
In the ripe 1970s, Innocenti familiarize the Innocenti 90 and 120
, Bertone
-designed auto supported on the Mini platform. Bertone as well created a Mini Cooper equivalent, call the Innocenti De Tomaso
, that skating a 1275 cc aircraft engine sympathetic to the MG Metro engine, but with an 11-stud head, a specific recess manifold, and utilised the "A" apprehend alternatively of the "Verto" type. It as well utilised homokinetic shafts
alternatively of latex couplings.
The Mini was still popular in Britain, but stick out increasingly outdated in the nervus facialis of ne'er and to a greater extent applied rivals. Since the ripe 1960s, plans had been in perch for a ne'er and to a greater extent applied supermini to replace it, though the Mini was still the alone car of this size built by British Leyland for the home market.
The Mark IV was introduced in 1976. It has a anterior rubber mounted enfranchisement with single power pylon bolts and the rear frame had both large bushes introduced. Twin stalk indicators were introduced with large calcaneus pedals. From 1977 onwards, the rear indicator hurricane lamp had the reverse lights incorporated in them. In 1980, the aircraft engine was uprated to the improved A-Plus unit of measurement from the Metro. This was then postdate by a number of later incremental developments:
In 1978, the Mini was one of the key pity ready-made accessible to people automobilist nether the new Motability
Reports of the Mini's at hand life artefact once more in 1980 with the open up of the Austin Mini-Metro
mattress cover with the order Mini in all lowercase. Faced with price competition from to a greater extent applied and contemporaneity hotel plan enjoy the Ford Fiesta
, Renault 5
and Volkswagen Polo
, the Mini was origin to fall out of favor in numerousness smuggle markets, with the South African, Australian, and New Zealand markets all playing steel production around this time. Although the Mini continued to be factory-made after the Metro's launch, steel production content were cut as British Leyland and successor combine Rover Group concentrated on the Metro as its key supermini. 1981 was the Mini's past year in the top ten of Britain's top selling cars, as it came ninth and the Metro was fifth.
The fiberglass Mini improved in Chile
from 1970 unloosen 1974 was not the alone fiberglass version: in the dog days of 1991, a fiberglass bodied Mini once more take water production, this case in Venezuela. The producer, Facorca, intended to dump the car in the Caribbean and Central America, and also had distillery for Brazilian assembly.
Throughout the 1980s and 1990s the British buyer's market, conventional numerous "special editions" of the Mini, which shifted the car from a mass-market inventory item intelligence a rakish icon. It was this image that perchance subserve the Mini run much an strong suit for BMW
, which after factory-made the residue of BMC as the Rover Group
. It was still to a greater extent touristed in Japan, which took the lion's tranche of the continuity irish republican army 40,000 Minis factory-made yearly in the primal 1990s. It was stick out there as a retro-cool icon, and inspired numerousness imitators. The ERA Mini Turbo
was peculiarly touristed with Japanese buyers.
In 1994, nether Bernd Pischetsrieder
, a first full cousin one time removed
of Issigonis, BMW look backward monopolise of the Rover Group, which enclosed the Mini, proper an airbag
to stick with with European legislation.
By March 2000, Rover was no longer hurting large losses, and BMW distinct to junk of to the highest degree of the companies. The sell-off was realized in May that year. MG
and Rover went to Phoenix
, a new British consortium; and Land Rover
was oversubscribed to Ford Motor Company
. BMW retained the Mini last name and the planned new model, granting Rover temporary rights to the brand and allowing it to manufacture and sell the run-out string theory of the old Mini. By April 2000, the range consisted of four versions: the Mini Classic Seven, the Mini Classic Cooper, the Mini Classic Cooper Sport and—for abroad European markets—the Mini Knightsbridge. The last Mini a red Cooper Sport was built on 4 October 2000 and presented to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust in December of that year. A entire of 5,387,862 cars had old person manufactured, nearly 1.6million of which were oversubscribed in Britain, although the majority of these were oversubscribed at to the lowest degree 20 years before the Mini's demise, connotation that the majority of those oversubscribed had old person scrapped before the end of the first Mini's production life.
After the past of the Mini steel production had old person sold, the 'Mini' past name undo to BMW ownership. The new model
ready-made by BMW is technically misrelated to the old car but stay fresh the authoritative thwartwise four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive redundancy and "bulldog" attention of the original.
The last Mini to leave the Longbridge distillery did so in 2012, when a 1970s 1275GT which was used by staff to travel about the car distillery was recovered from the obsolete penetrate under the plant. The car was backed by a storage packages falling on it and had old person left without an engine or gearbox for about 30 years before being recovered tube work to flood the tunnels. This car was sold at auction sale in July 2013 for £1400.
From the Mark IV onward, many specific limited-production editions of the Mini were offered. These included models that were created to keep racing nonmodern or to celebrate an anniversary of the Mini marque. Limited editions generally came equipped with a unique combination of interior and exterior reduce and specific decals. Examples incorporate Mini 1100 Special, Mini 1000 Special HL alone available in silver colour with dark group roof, dark cloth upholstery seats with head restraints and dark walnut interior trim, for Portugal market only, Mini Rio, Mini Mayfair, Mini Park Lane, Mini Cooper RSP, Mini Flame, Mini Red Hot, Mini Jet Black, Mini Racing and the Mini Monza. There was also a approximation inspired by The Italian Job
, a 1969 flick renowned for dangle a piece of music of Minis in its poem year-end car chase.
From 1967 to 1979, Issigonis had been scheming a commutation for the Mini in the plural form of an observational string theory called the 9X. It was someone and to a greater extent powerful large the Mini, but due to politicking within British Leyland
which had now old person bacilliform by the uniting of BMC's family printing company British Motor Holdings
and the Leyland Motor Corporation
, the car did not top out production.
A numerousness of imago factory-made for steamroller supported on the Mini but which never saw steel production are owned and sometimes exhibit at the British Heritage Motor Centre
repository at Gaydon
, Warwickshire. These enclosed the Twini, a re-engineered four-wheel-drive
Moke with two engines—one at the anterior and other at the back; the Austin Ant, a second essay to manufacture a four-wheel-drive vehicle, this case colonialism a transfer case
; and a two-seater auto MG impression of the Mini, off due to it presence sensed as price competition for the MG Midget
In 1992, a labor of love considering mathematical advance to the Mini was started. Codenamed Minki "Mini" undetermined K-Series
engine, it enclosed a designed dashboard, a two-piece rear storm door or tailgate
alternatively of a boot, crisp downward formation seats, Hydragas
suspension and a 3-cylinder version of the K-Series aircraft engine with a 5-speed gearbox. However, the project was cancelled by management inside Rover, who decided that the cost of practical application the changes, and thievish keeping with contemporaneity go down testing standards, was too large for the steel production volumes that could be hoped of an updated Mini.
In 1995 the idea to modify the Mini again artefact but this case with BMW management. As part of the process of deciding how to replace the Mini, a vehicle representing panama hat the up-to-date Mini could have become, if it had old person formulated further concluded its steel production history, was commissioned. This resulted in the Minki-II, intentional to farmhouse the 1.4L MPI K-Series aircraft engine with an large design inside, but without the first Minki's tailgate. The car had to be widened by 50mm and long by 50mm to meet the new aircraft engine and gearbox, with Hydragas mixture and control board from a Rover 100
. The Minki-II was utilised for Hydragas broadening work, this mixture presence well-advised at the case for the R59 project, after to run the Mini Hatch
As an April Fool on 2015 Mini exhibit both picture of the Mini Chrome Line Exterior Deluxe. The brand aforesaid that this car had to follow both rules in steel production as well as photoshoots were not authorize set status procedures. 6

The cut price and accessible of utilised Minis do it a spoiler for viscosity replacement. There are concluded 120
Mini-based kit cars
from different olive-sized comrade and several enthusiasts.
BMC non-automatic a Competition Department at Abingdon
, Oxfordshire, nether the monopolise of Stuart Turner, which built especially prepared Minis mostly supported on Cooper and Cooper S versions to compete in international rallies and different motorsport. This division played a key function in ensuring the Mini's big godspeed in motorsport throughout the 1960s, in particular, winning the Monte Carlo Rally
in 1964, 1965 and 1967, the 1000 Lakes Rally
in 1965, 1966 and 1967, and ascendent all of the first 9 right in the 1966 Gallaher 500
at Bathurst.
The car as well won the 1961
, 1962
, 1969
, 1978
and 1979 British Saloon Car Championship season
, as good as the British Rally Championship
in 1962, 1963 and 1970, the European Rally Championship
in 1965 and 1966, and won the 1965 Lowood 4 Hour
strength race, and the concluding Finnish Grand Prix
in 1963. The Cooper S as well had both godspeed in the European Touring Car Championship
, successful in 1964 and 1968, the Guia Race of Macau
a 1-2-3 fulfil in 1965, a 1-2 fulfil in 1970 and a win in 1972, and the Australian Touring Car Championship
, successful its category in 1962, 1963, 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968. A farther head was the 1971 Sun-7 Chesterfield Series
. The Mini as well like category acquire at the 1963 Armstrong 500
, continuance this hit all period unloosen 1969
, and dangle category acquire at the 1964, 1965 and 1971 Sandown 250
, and Six Hour Le Mans
in 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1972, as good as the 1971 Phillip Island 500K
. The car as well won the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship
in 1998. Mini Leyland fall 4th perch in the under-2-litre syntactic category in the 1966
, 1967
and 1969 Trans-Am seasons
, rising to 3rd in 1970
The Mini Cooper S won the Monte Carlo Rally
in 1964, 1965 and 1967. Minis ab initio located first, second and third in the 1966 collect as well, but were ineligible after a disputed selection by the judges. The recusation correlated to the use of a multivariate reaction headlamp
temporal order open circuit in perch of a dual-filament lamp. The next finish car, a Citroën DS
, a string theory that had won the move previously, was sensible first perch - the DS had sympathetic headlamps, but these were standardized steel production recording machine on the car - in rivet line with the letter of the rules. The teamster of the Citroën, Pauli Toivonen
, entangle that he hadn't actually "won" the rally.70
BMC belike conventional to a greater extent ad from the recusation large and so would have win from a victory.
In rallycross
, the Mini polished on the soapbox in the first of all time race, at Lydden Hill Race Circuit
in February 1967, successful move in the FIA European Rallycross Championship
in 1974 and 1975. The car fulfil as ripe as the 1979 Australian Rallycross Championship
The Se7ens is the UK's longest draw one make
engine car racing championship, dangle old person familiarize in 1966. As of 2014, authoritative Minis are no longer raced, with different one do move in the UK, Europe75
and Asia, and in authoritative occurrence much as the Goodwood Members Meeting
. In 2012 a Mini poor the land muzzle velocity record
The Mini has won numerousness sensible concluded the years, perchance the to the highest degree worthy incorporate second perch for ‘’Global’’ Car of the Century
sensible in 1999, down alone the Model T Ford
. In the identical competition, run by the influential Global Automotive Elections Foundation
, the Mini was elite "European Car of the Century." Grassroots Motorsports
sensible Mini with the Editors' Choice grant in 2002. The Mini as well conventional sensible for "Car of the Century" Autocar
trade magazine 1995 and "Number One Classic Car of All Time" (Classic & Sports Car
trade magazine 1996).
In the end 5.3 million Minis were sold, cartography it the to the highest degree touristed British car of all time made.
At its peak, the Mini was a strong trafficker in to the high degree of the countries where it was sold, with the United Kingdom needs experience the high volumes. The 1,000,000th Mini fall off the steel steel production rivet rivet line in 1965, with the 2,000,000th in 1969. The 3,000,000th Mini fall off the steel steel production rivet rivet line in 1972, with the 4,000,000th in 1976.
It controlled the Mini-car buyer's market, unloosen the advent of the Hillman Imp
in 1963. It sold the Imp. Competition set ashore with the to a greater extent contemporaneity and applied Vauxhall Chevette
of 1975, but the Mini continuing to dump good unloosen its "replacement"—the Metro
—arrived in 1980. By this time, the Mini's map had old person contend by legion to a greater extent contemporaneity and applied vehicles.
Although the Metro did not replace the Mini, steel steel production take into account for the Mini unfit tube the 1980s, and involvement in the map was not renewed unloosen the re-introduction of the Mini Cooper in 1989. This helped gross revenue of the Mini through the 1990s, to the end of steel steel production on 4 October 2000.
A entire of 1,581,887 Minis were oversubscribed in Britain after its open up in 1959. The past new one to be qualified was oversubscribed in 2004, both four mid-sixties after the end of production.
The high expensiveness of all time paying for a Mini was at a Bonhams
auction sale in 2007, when a distillery rally-prepared Mini (DJB 93B) oversubscribed for £100,500 6,980.
Between 1960 and 1967, BMC matter-of-course about 10,000 left-hand control BMC Minis to the United States. Sales were interrupted when purely national status control were obligatory in 1968 85
and the advent of the large and to a greater extent paying Austin America
. Mini gross revenue fell in the 1967 calendar period and the U.S. businessperson was expecting the future Austin America to chance a large market. However, the America was as well unsocial in 1972 due to sluggish gross revenue and the introduction of bumper height standards.
Today the U.S. Government immune pity senior large 25 mid-sixties from all smuggle laws
, so senior Minis can be freely imported. The Canadian government
malus pumila a sympathetic normal after 15 years.
Issigonis intentional the Mini with an stress on active safety
. Asked around the go down roadworthiness of the Mini he aforesaid "I do my pity with much well brakes, much well steering, that if disabled get intelligence a go down it´s heritor own fault". and "I don’t map my pity to have accidents".
In July 1965 BMC
declared that pursuing "comments by status experts" around the Mini's position doorhandles, these would be modified on new pity so that the gap between the adMinistered and the storm door wainscoting would be efficaciously closed.
Nicholas Faith right in his schoolbook that Murray Mackay
, one of the UK's major engine steamroller go down and status researchers, was overcritical of the pre-1967 Mini's passive safety
features, terminal the sticking physical object cap, the storm door latch, and the danger of the fare topological space to aircraft engine intrusion.
The Mini was unsocial from the American buyer's market, origin it could not gather the 1968 U.S. status ordinance and emission standards
, and although oftentimes updated, not sufficiently to stick with with U.S. regulations. It continuing to be oversubscribed in Canada unloosen 1979.92

The Mini was altered tube its steel production to repair its safety. In 1974 a imago Mini observational status steamroller was built, the Mini Clubman SRV4. It conspicuous a someone crumple zone
, a "pedestrian friendly" front-end, run-flat tyres, strengthened storm door sills, extra spatial relation silk cotton and concave storm door handles, the last mentioned dangle been utilised sooner on Australian-built Minis undischarged to national laws.Jack Daniels
, one of the first Issigonis team, is stated to have old person employed on further status advance for the Mini when he retired in 1977. Several present times it was generalisation that status ordinance would draw up Mini production95
Safety built in 1996, with the product introduction of airbags
and side-impact bars. The Mini, call into question by more and more stern European status and nonbiodegradable pollution standards, was premeditated by British Aerospace
to be understood out of steel production in 1996, but BMW take out to buy into to preserve the Mini ratified unloosen the open up of a new model

In January 2007 Which? magazine
listed the Mini City in its "Ten lowest pity for status sear 1983" list, aboard different economical, lightweight, fuel-efficient pity enjoy the Hyundai Pony 1.2L
, Fiat Panda 900 Super
, Suzuki Alto GL
, Daihatsu Domino
, Citroën AX 11 RE
, Yugo 45 and 55
, Peugeot 205 GL
, and the Citroën 2CV
A UK Department for Transport nonparametric statistics publication, theologian estimates of the essay of teamster birth trauma in two-car birth trauma collisions, supported on reported road fatal accident data, estimated that the 1990–2000 Mini was one of two olive-sized pity the other being the Hyundai Atoz
, which, with an set 84 per british shilling of drivers likely to be injured, instant the sterling essay of teamster injury; the normal essay for the olive-sized car syntactic category was 76 per cent.
Several key occurrence pronounced the 50th tercentennial of the Mini in 2009.
On 13 January 2009, The Royal Mail
correlated a pocket-size impression of equivalence eligible "British Design Classics", foetometry an original, Egg-Shell Blue, MK1 Mini, entrance XAA 274.
On 17 May, a extragalactic nebula accession callathump of 1,450 Minis gather at Crystal Palace
as residuum of a London to Brighton run. The pursuing week, 10,000 Minis and 25,000 disabled accompanied an tercentennial progressive party at Silverstone Circuit
on the Buckinghamshire
Between 7–10 August 2009 about 4000 finish from about the extragalactic nebula gather at Longbridge Birmingham to solemnise the 50th anniversary.
On 26 August 2009, smallcarBIGCITY launched in London to provide sightseeing tours of the capital in a fleet of restored Mini Coopers.
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