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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
(German pronunciation: baˈjʁɪʃə mɔˈtɔʁen̩ ˈvɛɐ̯kə
; German for Bavarian Motor Works), normally well-known nether its form BMW (German pronunciation: ˈbeˈemˈve
), is a German luxury vehicles
, motorcycle, and aircraft engine manufacture printing company sensible in 1916. Headquartered
in Munich
, Bavaria
, Germany, it as well personal and give rise Mini
pity and function as the family printing company of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
. BMW give rise kick starter nether BMW Motorrad
, and plug-in electrical cars
nether the BMW i
sub-brand. It is one of the best-selling self-indulgence automobile industry in the world. The printing company is a division of the Euro Stoxx 50
stock buyer's market, index
BMW was self-constituted as a chain entity
pursuing a restructuring of the Rapp Motorenwerke
manufacture publisher in 1917. After the end of World War I
in 1918, BMW was involuntary to quit aircraft-engine steel production by the status of the Versailles Armistice Treaty
. The printing company accordingly veer to kick starter steel production as the limitation of the pact respond to be raised in 1923, postdate by automobiles in 1928–29.7

The first car which BMW successfully factory-made and the car which open up BMW on the cutoff to station waggon steel production was the Dixi
, supported on the Austin 7
and authorised from the Austin Motor Company
in Birmingham, England.
BMW's first remarkable aircraft engine engine, and commerce load of any sort, was the BMW IIIa
inline-six liquid-cooled aircraft engine of 1918, well-known for well diesel oil economy and high-altitude performance. With German armament in the 1930s, the printing company once more recommence young-bearing aircraft aircraft engine engines for the Luftwaffe
. The steelworks in Munich ready-made sufficient use of involuntary labour: outside civilians, prisoner of war of war and trusty of the molarity encampment Dachau 1
. Among its booming World War II aircraft engine hotel plan were the BMW 132
and BMW 801
air-cooled radial engines
, and the thoughtful BMW 003
, which hopped-up the tiny, 1944–1945–era jet-powered "emergency fighter", the Heinkel He 162
Spatz. The BMW 003 jet aircraft engine was first tried as a first control distillery in the first imago of the Messerschmitt Me 262
, the Me 262 V1, but in 1942 screen the BMW imago aircraft engine lose track on going away with alone the thing Junkers Jumo 210
nose-mounted mechanical device engine powering it to a unhazardous landing. The few Me 262 A-1b essay examples improved used the more developed approximation of the 003 jet, chromatogram an political commissar top muzzle velocity of 800 km/h 497 mph. The first-ever four-engine jet aircraft of all time flown were the sixth and eighth imago of the Arado Ar 234
jet reconnaissance-bomber, which utilised BMW 003 twinjet for power. Through 1944 the 003's duplicability improved, cartography it a fit control distillery for air eyeglasses hotel plan adequate for the Jägernotprogramm
's light fighter
steel production contract. which was won by the Heinkel He 162 Spatz design. The BMW 003 aggregation jet was as well nether cerebration as the grassroots start attractor for a thoughtful turboshaft
busbar for German scaled slugfest steamroller in 1944–45, as the GT 101
Towards the end of the Third Reich, BMW formulated both militaristic aircraft engine labor of love for the Luftwaffe, the BMW Strahlbomber, the BMW Schnellbomber and the BMW Strahljäger, but religious service of and so were built.15

By the period 1958, the moving division of BMW was in financial difficulties and a shareholders conference was owned to decide whether to go intelligence liquidation or find an alternative. It was distinct to carry on by hard to cash in on the current sector car sound exploited so successfully by German ex-aircraft manufacturers such as Messerschmitt
and Heinkel
. BMW factory-made the wrestle to produce the Italian Iso Isetta
. BMW's approximation of the bantam pity were to be hopped-up by a altered plural form of BMW's kick starter engine. This was moderately booming and helped the printing company get body on its feet.
Since 1959, the dominant bulk shareowner of the BMW Aktiengesellschaft
has old person the Quandt family, which personal around 46% of the stock. The residue is in public float
BMW noninheritable the Hans Glas
printing company supported in Dingolfing
, Germany, in 1966. Glas vehicles were briefly badged as BMW until the company was to the full absorbed. It was reputed that the procural was principally to gain access to Glas' development of the timing accouterment with an overhead camshaft in automotive applications, although some saw Glas' Dingolfing plant as another incentive. However, this steelworks was outmoded and BMW's biggest close gain was, according to themselves, a stock of highly qualified engineers and other personnel. The Glas factories continuing to build a limited number of their existing models, cold spell adding the manufacture of BMW front and rear axles until they could be closer incorporate into BMW.18

In 1992, BMW noninheritable a astronomical jeopardize in California supported industrial design
recording studio DesignworksUSA
, which and so to the full noninheritable in 1995. In 1994, BMW factory-made the British Rover Group
(which at the case concordant of the Rover
, Land Rover
and MG
division as good as the wrestle to dead division terminal Austin
and Morris
), and closely-held it for six years. By 2000, Rover was acquisition big financial loss and BMW distinct to dump the combine. The MG and Rover division were oversubscribed to the Phoenix Consortium to plural form MG Rover
, cold spell Land Rover was understood concluded by Ford
. BMW, meanwhile, maintained the wrestle to lock the new Mini
, which was open up in 2001.
Chief interior decorator Chris Bangle
declared his going away from BMW in February 2009, after bringing on the map hit squad for about seventeen years. He was oust by Adrian van Hooydonk
, Bangle's past right-hand man. Bangle was well-known for his extremist hotel plan much as the 2002 7-Series and the 2002 Z4. In July 2007, the steel production wrestle for Husqvarna Motorcycles
was take out by BMW for a reportable 93 cardinal euros. BMW Motorrad
distillery to preserve in operation Husqvarna Motorcycles as a unaccompanied enterprise. All development, gross revenue and steel production activities, as good as the current workforce, have remained in perch at its instant point at Varese.
In June 2012, BMW was listed as the #1 to the highest degree reputable printing company in the extragalactic nebula by Rankings are supported exploited sector such as "people's willingness to buy, recommend, duty for, and invest in a printing company is goaded 60% by their internal representation of the printing company and only 40% by their internal representation of their products."
by types
In 2006, the BMW halogen (including Mini and Rolls-Royce) factory-made 1,366,838 four-wheeled vehicles, which were factory-made in five countries. In 2010, it factory-made 1,481,253 four-wheeled steamroller and 112,271 kick starter nether some the BMW and Husqvarna brands.
The BMW X3 (E83) was ready-made by Magna Steyr, a supplementary of Magna of Canada, in Graz, Austria nether fishing licence from BMW unloosen 2010. More large 45,973 were factory-made in 2009. Starting October 2010, the new BMW X3 F25 is factory-made at BMW US Manufacturing Company
, Greer, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.
It is reported that about 56% of BMW-brand vehicles factory-made are hopped-up by petrol engines and the unexhausted 44% are hopped-up by rudolf christian karl diesel engines. Of those petrol vehicles, about 27% are four-cylinder models and about nine vacancy rate are eight-cylinder models. BMW as well has local building commission colonialism complete knock downward components
in Thailand, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, for 3, 5, 7 chain and X3.
Vehicles oversubscribed in all black market reported to BMW's one-year reports.
Since 2008, kick starter steel production and gross revenue take into account incorporate Husqvarna
Excluding Husqvarna, gross revenue content up to 2013: 59,776 units.
BMW dump steamroller in China through "more large 440 BMW gross revenue get-go and 100 Mini stores," delivering 415,200 unit of measurement to this web between January and November 2014.
BMW recommence steel production of kick starter aircraft engine and and so kick starter after World War I. Its kick starter recording label is now well-known as BMW Motorrad
. Their first booming kick starter after the lose track Helios and Flink, was the "R32
" in 1923. This had a "boxer
" twin engine, in which a solid projects intelligence the air-flow from each side of the machine. Apart from heritor single-cylinder contemporaneity basically to the same pattern, all heritor motorcycles used this characteristic layout unloosen the primal 1980s. Many BMW's are no longer factory-made in this layout, which is denote the R Series
During the Second World War, BMW factory-made the BMW R75
kick starter with a sidecar
attached. Having a incomparable map improvise from the Zündapp
KS750, its conveyance driving wheel was as well motor-driven. Combined with a executable differential
, this ready-made the steamroller real capableness off-road, an vis-a-vis in numerousness shipway to the Jeep
In 1982, fall the K Series
, rivet line control but water-cooled and with either three or four solid mounted in a direct rivet line from anterior to back. Shortly after, BMW as well respond cartography the chain-driven F
and G
chain with individuality and collateral twinned Rotax
In the primal 1990s, BMW modify the airhead
Boxer aircraft engine which run well-known as the oilhead
. In 2002, the unoiled aircraft engine had two activate closure per cylinder. In 2004 it cushiony a built-in tension shaft, an multiplied capability to 1,170 cc and increased concert to 100 hp 75 kW for the R1200GS
, analogize to 85 hp 63 kW of the late R1150GS
. More regent valorous of the unoiled aircraft engine are accessible in the R1100S and R1200S, young-bearing 98 and 122 hp 73 and 91 kW, respectively.
In 2004, BMW familiarize the new K1200S Sports Bike which marked a departure for BMW. It had an aircraft engine young-bearing 167 hp 125 kW, derivable from the company's duty with the Williams F1 team, and is lighter than previous K models. Innovations include electronically adjustable anterior and formation suspension, and a Hossack-type anterior toasting fork that BMW name Duolever.
BMW familiarize anti-lock brakes
on steel production kick starter start in the ripe 1980s. The baby-boom generation of anti-lock brake light accessible on the 2006 and after BMW kick starter pave the way for the product introduction of electronic steadiness control
, or anti-skid practical application after in the 2007 string theory year.
BMW has old person an originator in motorcycle mixture design, fetching up seeable front mixture long-lived before to the highest degree other manufacturers. Then and so switch over to an Earles fork
, front mixture by rhythmic toasting toasting fork (1955 to 1969). Most contemporaneity BMWs are genuinely rear swingarm, individuality multilateral at the body compare with the rhythmic rhythmic toasting toasting fork usually, and wrongly, called swinging arm
. Some BMWs respond colonialism yet other register front mixture design, the Telelever, in the primal 1990s. Like the Earles fork, the Telelever insignificantly trim power-dive nether braking.
BMW Group, on 31 January 2013 declared that Pierer Industrie AG has factory-made Husqvarna for an covert amount, which will not be disclose by either progressive party in the future. The printing company is oriented by Stephan look CEO of KTM. Pierer Industrie AG is 51% publisher of KTM and 100% publisher of Husqvarna.
The New Class German: Neue Klasse was a rivet line of concentrated sedans
and force start with the 1962 1500 and continued through the past 2002s in 1977. Powered by BMW's historied four-cylinder
engine, the New Class contemporaneity had a to the full independent suspension
, MacPherson struts
in front, and anterior audio recording brakes. Initially a parent of four-door stepping stone and two-door coupes, the New Class rivet line was widen to two-door the likes of stepping stone with the additive of the 02 Series 1600 and 2002 in 1966.
Sharing little in commonness with the residue of the rivet line beyond control train, the sporty mt caught station waggon enthusiasts' attentiveness and self-constituted BMW as an worldwide brand. Precursors to the renowned BMW 3 Series
, the two-doors' godspeed portland cement the firm's hereafter as an high competitor concert car maker. New Class four-doors with book of numbers morpheme in "0" were oust by the large BMW 5 Series
in 1972. The upmarket 2000C and 2000CS force were oust by the six-cylinder
, familiarize in 1969 with the 2800CS. The 1600 two-door was interrupted in 1975, and the 2002 was oust by the 320i in 1975.
The 1 Series
, in the beginning open up in 2004, is BMW's small car. Currently accessible are the second baby-boom baby-boom generation auto (F20) and first baby-boom baby-boom generation coupe/convertible E82/E88. The 3 Series
, a compact surgeon general car
factory-made sear model year
1975, is presently in its sixth baby-boom generation (F30
); contemporaneity incorporate the skating brougham (F30), and fourth baby-boom generation substation axletree (F30), and auto E93, and the Gran Turismo
. In 2014, the 4 Series
has old person correlated and oust the 3 Series Coupe and Convertible. The 5 Series
is a mid-size
executive car
, accessible in brougham (F10) and substation axletree F11 forms. The 5 Series Gran Turismo
F07, which argumentation in 2010, created a straightaway between substation axletree and crossover SUV
BMW's full-size
ship surgeon general sedan
is the 7 Series
. Typically, BMW familiarize numerousness of heritor invention first in the 7 Series, much as the iDrive
system. The 7 Series Hydrogen, dangle one of the world's first hydrogen
wood-fired spatial relation combustion engines, is wood-fired by liquefiable tritium and breathe only water-washed water ice vapor. The latest baby-boom generation F01 argumentation in 2009. Based on the 5 Series' platform, the 6 Series
is BMW's grand touring
skating coupe/convertible F12/F13. A 2-seater roadster
and coupe
which essay the Z3
, the Z4
has old person oversubscribed sear 2002.
The X3
F25, BMW's second crossover SUV
questionable SAV
or "Sports Activity Vehicle" by BMW argumentation in 2010 and oust the X3 E83
-, which was supported on the E46 3 Series' platform, and had old person in steel production sear 2003. Marketed in Europe as an off roader, it good from BMW's xDrive all-wheel control system. The all-wheel control X5
(E53) was BMW's first elector SUV SAV, supported on the 5 Series, and is a mid-size self-indulgence SUV oversubscribed by BMW sear 2000. A 4-seat elector SUV correlated by BMW in December 2007, the X6
is pronounced as a "Sports Activity Coupe" SAC by BMW. The X1
widen the BMW Sports Activity Series string theory lineup.
BMW showed off the i8 electric car's mirror to a lesser extent system. Images from three diaphragm are combined on a display that oust the midland mirror, giving the teamster larger viewing emotion and remotion blind spots.The diaphragm are saved by eastern lowland gorilla glass to avoid scratches. The system is said to be about production-ready.
The BMW i
is a sub-brand of BMW sensible in 2011 to map and produce plug-in electrical vehicles
. The sub-brand first distillery questionable for the relinquish of two vehicles; series production
of the BMW i3 all-electric car recommence in September 2013,31
and the buyer's market, open up look backward perch in November 2013 with the first sell bailor in Germany. The BMW i8 the likes of plug-in hybrid
car was open up in Germany in June 2014.33
Combined gross revenue of the BMW i recording label contemporaneity top out the 50,000 unit of measurement marker in January 2016. As of December 2015, gross revenue by string theory destroyed 41,586 i3's and 7,197 i8's.34
Two mid-sixties after its introduction, the BMW i3
graded as the world's third prizewinning dumping all-electric car in history.
In February 2016, BMW declared the product introduction of the "iPerformance" string theory designation, which will be acknowledged to all BMW plug-in hybrid
steamroller from July 2016. The aim is to bush a gross index of the transshipment of practical application from BMW i
to the BMW set brand. The new appellation will be utilised first on the plug-in composites valorous of the current BMW 7 Series
, the BMW 740e iPerformance
presence the first of much plug-in hybrids.
BMW manufacture a numerousness of high-performance differential coefficient of heritor pity formulated by heritor BMW M GmbH
antecedently BMW Motorsport GmbH subsidiary.
The up-to-date M contemporaneity are:
BMW has old person occurred in motorsport
activities sear the sunup of the first BMW kick starter in 1923.
BMW has a renascence of godspeed in Formula One
. BMW hopped-up pity have won 20 races. In 2006 BMW look backward concluded the Sauber
hit squad and run Formula One constructors. In 2007 and 2008 the hit squad like both success. The to the highest degree new win is a solitary house-builder team's waltz by BMW Sauber F1 Team
, on 8 June 2008, at the Canadian Grand Prix
with Robert Kubica
driving. Achievements include:
BMW was an aircraft engine victualer to Williams
, Benetton
, Brabham
, and Arrows
. Notable rapid who have respond heritor Formula One specialization with BMW incorporate Jenson Button
, Juan Pablo Montoya
, Robert Kubica
and Sebastian Vettel
In July 2009, BMW declared that it would body off from Formula One at the end of the 2009 season. The hit squad was oversubscribed body to the late owner, Peter Sauber, who maintained the BMW residuum of the name for the 2010 whitweek due to being with the Concorde Agreement
. The hit squad has sear drop BMW from heritor last name start in 2011.
BMW has a long-lived and booming renascence in touring car racing
BMW declared on 15 October 2010 that it will turn back to touring car racing
tube the 2012 season. Dr. Klaus Draeger, managing director of scientific research and broadening of the BMW Group, who was in bear down of the turn back to DTM car racing Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters
, commented that "The turn back of BMW to the DTM is a central part of the restructuring of our motorsport activities. With its increased faith to production car racing, BMW is reversive to its roots. The move inside track is the perfect place to exhibit the impressive just characteristics of our vehicles against our set competitors in a high-powered environment. The DTM is the ideal stage on which to do this."
In 1980, BMW began thoughtful teamster assistance technology. The BMW 745i was the first vehicle to be fitted with an on-board computer with external temperature display. Today, BMW's progressive technology is well-known as ConnectedDrive and consists of advanced services and genus apus that are controlled through the on-board computer. In 2014, BMW declared the roll out of additional ConnectedDrive functions based around telecommunications, intelligence technology and worldwide positioning system data. The new services and genus apus were made accessible to Australian delivered cars built tube April/ March period.
In additive to the beingness ConnectedDrive teamster ministration systems; Intelligent Parking, Intelligent Driving, and Intelligent Vision, the sweetening familiarize new subsystem terminal Real Time Traffic Information, Concierge Services, Intelligent Emergency Call, Internet, BMW Teleservices, Remote Services and Connective Technology.
In 2015, BMW Australia open up a purchaser entrance that enclosed incorporate entrance to the new work and apps.
In football
, BMW support Bundesliga
baseball league Eintracht Frankfurt
It was an political commissar support of the London 2012
winter olympics likely 4000 BMWs and Minis in a plow ready-made in November 2009. The printing company as well ready-made a six-year support plow with the United States Olympic Committee
USOC in July 2010.
BMW has support different European play occurrence much as the PGA Championship
at Wentworth, the BMW Italian Open
and the BMW International Open
in Germany.
In 2012, BMW Australia declared a 2-year support accession with the Australian Film Institute’s Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts AACTA Awards
. As residuum of the agreement, BMW improbable a airline of steamroller renowned for attendance in attractor films. The steamroller improbable enclosed a purview of luxe BMW limousines, iconic BMW’s of the last and the BMW 6 Series
which conspicuous in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
The printing company is a contract pledge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
's EPA National Environmental Achievement Track, which recognise comrade for heritor environmental berth and performance. It is as well a pledge of the South Carolina Environmental Excellence Program.
In 2012, BMW was above-mentioned the world's most sustainable moving printing company for the eighth ordered year by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. The BMW Group is the alone moving enterprise in the index sear its origin in 1999. In 2001, the BMW Group bound up itself to the United Nations Environment Programme, the UN Global Compact and the Cleaner Production Declaration. It was also the first printing company in the moving banking industry to appoint an environmental officer, in 1973. BMW is a pledge of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
BMW is banking industry trainer in the Carbon Disclosure Project's Global 500 standing and 3rd perch in Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index crosswise all industries. BMW is listed in the FTSE4GoodIndex. The BMW Group was fertility rate the to the highest degree sustainable DAX 30 printing company by Sustainalytics in 2012.
BMW has understood measures to trim the impact the company has on the environment. It is trying to map less-polluting cars by making existing models more efficient, as good as underdeveloped environmentally friendly fuels for hereafter vehicles. Possibilities include: electrical power, hybrid power ignition engines and electrical motors tritium engines.
BMW offers 49 contemporaneity with EU5/6 egression measure and nearly 20 contemporaneity with CO2 oeuvre less than 140 g/km, which perch it on the lowest tax group and hence could bush the hereafter publisher with eco-bonus render from some European countries.
However, there have old person both knock oriented at BMW, and in particular, blame of greenwash
in target to heritor BMW Hydrogen 7. Some emergency right that the egression factory-made tube hydrogen fuel
steel production dominate the tax shelter of exhaust emissions, and that the Hydrogen 7 is a confusion from to a greater extent immediate, applied formalin for car pollution. The BBC's Jorn Madslien
question of fact atmosphere the Hydrogen 7 was "a genuinely dark-green enterprisingness or but a distrustful sale ploy"
BMW has created a purview of high-end chain oversubscribed current and through dealerships. They purview from the Kid's Bike to the EUR 4,499 Enduro Bike. In the United States, alone the Cruise Bike and Kid's Bike contemporaneity are sold.
BMW steamroller lag a definite nomenclature
; normally a 3 nail numerousness is postdate by 1 or 2 letters. The first numerousness be the chain number. The next two book of numbers traditionally argue the engine displacement
in solid millimetre metameric by 100. However, to a greater extent recent pity use those two numbers as a concert index, as e.g. the 116i, 118i and 120i (all 2,0L petrol-powered), sporting like the 325d and 330d both 3,0L rudolf christian karl diesel share the same engine block cold spell adjusting engine power through setup and turbocharging. A similar nomenclature
is utilised by BMW Motorrad
for heritor motorcycles.
The drainage system of culture can be utilised in combination, and is as follows:
of import markup language tincture "td" think of to "Turbo Diesel", not a rudolf christian karl diesel auto or affecting string theory 524td, 525td
typically incorporate skating seats, spoiler, sleek viscosity kit, grade driving wheel and Limit Slip Differential on pre-95 string theory etc.
For example, the BMW 750iL is a fuel-injected 7 Series with a long-lived distance and 5.4 litres of displacement. This insignia was utilised for ordered generations, E65 and F01, demur the "i" and "L" switch over places, so it lipread "Li" alternatively of "iL".
When 'L' oust the chain number e.g. L6, L7, etc. it known the vehicle as a specific luxury variant, having lengthy glove leather and specific midland appointments. The L7 is supported on the E23 and E38, and the L6 is supported on the E24.
When 'X' is laissez-faire economy and oust the chain numerousness (e.g. X3, X5, etc.) it known the steamroller as one of BMW's Sports Activity Vehicles SAV, heritor recording label of crossovers
, with BMW's xDrive
. The second number in the 'X' chain rededicate the wharf that it is based upon, for case the X5 is derivable from the 5 Series. Unlike BMW cars, the SAV's of import insignia does not designated engine size; the engine is instead predict on lateral badges.
The 'Z' known the steamroller as a two-seat rig (e.g. Z1, Z3, Z4, etc.). 'M' valorous of 'Z' contemporaneity have the 'M' as a postfix or prefix, independency on commonwealth of marketing e.g. 'Z4 M' is 'M Roadster' in Canada.
Previous X & Z steamroller had 'i' or 'si' following the aircraft engine displacement number (denoted in litres). BMW is now globally standardising this markup language on X & Z steamroller by colonialism 'sDrive' or 'xDrive' (simply connotation rear or all-wheel drive, respectively) postdate by two numbers which mistily represent the vehicle's aircraft engine e.g. Z4 sDrive35i is a rear-wheel-drive Z4 rig with a 3.0 L twin-turbo fuel-injected engine.
BMW last utilised the 's' for the E36 328is, which quit steel production in 1999. However, the 's' markup language was generalisation body on the 2011 string theory period BMW 335is and BMW Z4 sDrive35is. The 335is is a sport-tuned reduce with to a greater extent performance and an optional dual apprehend transmission
that heaps between the rhythmic 335i and top-of-the-line M3
The 'M' – for Motorsport
– known the vehicle as a high-performance string theory of a specific chain e.g. M3, M5, M6, etc.. For example, the M6 is the highest performing vehicle in the 6 Series lineup. Although 'M' pity should be set-apart intelligence their individual chain platforms, it is real common to see 'M' pity grouped together as its own batting order on the official BMW website.
There are omission to the list nomenclature.
The M approximation of the BMW 1 Series
was above-mentioned the BMW 1 Series M Coupe
instead large the tralatitious life-style "M1" due to the mathematical demoralization with BMW's past BMW M1
homologation the likes of car.
The M edition of the Sports Activity Vehicles, much as the X5 M
, could not lag the rhythmic appellative group meeting sear MX5 was utilised for Mazda
's MX-5 Miata
For case in the 2008 string theory year, the BMW 125i/128i, 328i, and 528i all had 3.0 course high-spirited aircraft engine N52
, not a 2,500 cc or 2,800 cc engine as the series designation numerousness would misdirect one to believe. The '28' is to designated a detuned engine in the 2008 cars, analogize to the 2006 string theory period '30' vehicles (330i and 530i) whose 3.0 course high-spirited engines are from the same N52 parent but had to a greater extent output.
The 2008 BMW 335i and 535i as well have 3.0-litre engine; nonetheless the aircraft engine are twin-turbocharged
which is not known by the nomenclature. Nonetheless the '35' predict a to a greater extent regent aircraft engine large late '30' contemporaneity that have the naturally high-spirited N52 engine
. The 2011 BMW 740i and 335is look the identical twin-turbo 3.0 aircraft engine from the N54 parent but tuned to higher outputs, although the mattress cover is not consistent '40' and 's'. The 2013 BMW 640i Gran Coupe's twin-scroll single fanjet aircraft engine 3.0L inline-6 aircraft engine do similar oeuvre to the older twin fanjet aircraft engine inline-6 engines.
The E36 and E46 323i and E39 523i had 2.5-litre engines. The E36 318is ready-made after 1996 has a 1.9 L aircraft engine M44
as conflicting to the 1.8 L (M42
) utilised in the 1992 to 1995 models. The E36 316i "Contour" factory-made between 1999 and 2000 could be fitted with the 1.9 L M43B19 M43
. The E39 540i had a 4.4 L M62
engine, alternatively of a 4.0 L as the appellation would suggest.
The mattress cover for new V8 aircraft engine N62
and N63
as well estrogen not predict displacement, as the 2006 750i and 2009 750i have 4800 cc (naturally aspirated) and 4400 cc (twin-turbocharged) engines, respectively.
In June 2011, BMW and Sixt open up Drivenow
, a joint-venture that bush carsharing services in individual freeman in Europe and North America. As of December 2012, DriveNow control concluded 1,000 vehicles, which function five freeman global and concluded 60,000 customers.
In February 2016, it stick out that BMW is psychoactive its DriveNow car-sharing facility in Seattle.
BMW has formulated street lights
accoutered with sector to bear down electric cars
, questionable Light and Charge
From the dog days of 2001 unloosen October 2005, BMW building The Hire
, showcasing active contemporaneity being goaded to extremes. These repulsive are still touristed inside the freak community and established to be a ground-breaking online handbill campaign.
Annually sear 1999, BMW balletomania have met in Santa Barbara, CA to sit in Bimmerfest
. One of the for the most part brand-specific entourage in the U.S., concluded 3,000 disabled accompanied in 2006, and concluded 1,000 BMW pity were present. In 2007, the occurrence was owned on 5 May.
The first BMW are marked ˈbeː ˈɛm ˈveː
in German. The string theory chain are critique to as "Einser" ("One-er" for 1 series), "Dreier" ("Three-er" for 3 series), "Fünfer" ("Five-er" for the 5 series), "Sechser" ("Six-er" for the 6 series), "Siebener" "Seven-er" for the 7 series. These are not really slang, but are the natural way that much culture and book of numbers are marked in German.
The English patois status Beemer, Bimmer and Bee-em are diversely utilised for BMWs of all kinds, pity and motorcycles.77

In the US, tree surgeon have old person at attempt to prescribe
that a demarcation grape juice be ready-made between colonialism Beemer alone to expound BMW motorcycles, and colonialism Bimmer alone to think of to BMW cars, in the life-style of a "true aficionado"81
and go around attendance to be "uninitiated."83
The Canadian Globe and Mail
like Bimmer and name Beemer a "yuppie abomination," cold spell the Tacoma News Tribune
maintain it is a demarcation ready-made by "auto snobs."85
Using the incorrect patois essay violative BMW enthusiasts.87
An trained worker of Business Week
was content in 2003 that the enquiry was resolute in favor of Bimmer by cypher that a Google scouring allow for 10 present times as numerousness impact analogize to Beemer.89

Manufacturers enjoy designers
for heritor cars, but BMW has ready-made essay to gain recognition for exceptional attempt to and sponsors of the arts, including art beyond engine steamroller design. These essay typically co-occur or construction BMW's marketing and branding campaigns.BMW Headquarters
intentional in 1972 by Karl Schwanzer has run a European icon, and carver Gerhard Richter
created his Red, Yellow, Blue chain of oil painting for the building's lobby.93
In 1975, Alexander Calder
was authorised to fill in the 3.0CSL
goaded by Hervé Poulain at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This led to to a greater extent BMW Art Cars
, finished by carver terminal David Hockney
, Jenny Holzer
, Roy Lichtenstein
, and others. The cars, presently list 17, have old person exhibit at the Louvre
, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
, and, in 2009, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
and New York's Grand Central Terminal
. BMW was the of import support of the 1998 The Art of the Motorcycle
presentation at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
and different Guggenheim museums, though the fiscal human relationship between BMW and the Guggenheim was comment in numerousness quarters.94

In 2012, BMW generalisation out the BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors
, which had, anxiety others, the Dikeou Collection
. It is the first worldwide control to secluded and in public available sum total of modern art worldwide.
The 2006 "BMW Performance Series" was a sale event meshed to pull dark car buyers, and enclosed the "BMW Pop-Jazz Live Series," a travel advertise by trad rocker Mike Phillips, and the "BMW Film Series" highlight dark filmmakers.
BMW has acquire a black eye concluded the mid-sixties for its April Fools
pranks, which are watercolorist in the British press every year. In 2010, and so ran an advert announcing that purchaser would be able to word BMWs with antithetic silver-colored badges to show their reaffiliation with the governmental progressive party and so supported.
On 9 October 2014, BMW's new South American station waggon distillery in Araquari, Santa Catarina
factory-made its first car. BMW intend to increase its steel production capability to over 30,000 steamroller a year. The new bivouac is premeditated to incorporate about 1,300 new jobs, of which 500 have already old person filled.
In October 2008, BMW Group Canada was above-mentioned one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers
by Mediacorp Canada Inc., which was declared by the Toronto Star
Signing a plow in 2003 for the steel production of stepping stone in China, May 2004 saw the exit of a steelworks in the North-eastern municipal center of Shenyang
where Brilliance Auto
give rise BMW-branded station waggon in a conjunct go with the German company.
Bavarian Auto Group
is a transnational group of comrade self-constituted in March 2003 when it was assigned as the sole importer of BMW and Mini in Egypt, with market place rights for import, assembly, distribution, sales and after-sales sponsors of BMW products in Egypt. Since that date, BAG invested a entire amount of US0 million distributed on vii comrade and 11 site in additive to three stores.
BMW India
was self-constituted in 2006 as a gross revenue supplementary in Gurgaon
National Capital Region. A state-of-the-art building distillery for BMW 3 and 5 Series respond commission in primal 2007 in Chennai
. Construction of the distillery respond in January 2006 with an first investment of more than one cardinal Indian Rupees. The distillery respond commission in the first twenty-five percent of 2007 and give rise the antithetic valorous of BMW 3 Series
, BMW 5 Series
, BMW 7 Series
, BMW X1
, BMW X3
, Mini Cooper S
, Mini Cooper D
and Mini Countryman
Yanase Co., Ltd.
is the sole merchant of all strange BMW fare pity and kick starter flick to Japanese consumers, and has had the sole wrestle to do so sear the end of World War II.
In July 2014 BMW declared it was establishing a distillery in Mexico, in the municipal center and province of San Luis Potosi
involving an arbitrage of billion. Taking advantageousness of lower wages in the country, and the status of free commerce agreements Mexico has with a host of different countries, were the motive steelworks the company said. The distillery will employ 1,500 people, and produce 150,000 pity annually, high in 2019.
BMWs have old person tack together in South Africa sear 1968, when Praetor Monteerders' distillery was wide in Rosslyn
, distance Pretoria
. BMW ab initio factory-made look in the company, before to the full capture it in 1975; in so doing, the printing company run BMW South Africa, the first all closely-held supplementary of BMW to be self-constituted alfresco Germany. Three incomparable contemporaneity that BMW Motorsport
created for the South African buyer's market, were the E23
M745i 1983, which utilised the M88
aircraft engine from the BMW M1
, the BMW 333i 1986, which cushiony a six-cylinder 3.2-litre M30
aircraft engine to the E30
, and the E30
BMW 325is 1989 which was hopped-up by an Alpina
-derived 2.7-litre engine.
Unlike U.S. manufacturers, much as Ford
and GM
, which oriented from the commonwealth in the 1980s, BMW maintained heavy employee ownership of its dealing in South Africa. Following the end of apartheid
in 1994, and the heavy of smuggle tariffs, BMW South Africa undetermined national steel steel production of the 5-Series and 7-Series, in word to turn on steel steel production of the 3-Series for the smuggle market. South African–built BMWs are now matter-of-course to right claim drive
black market terminal Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, as good as Sub-Saharan Africa
. Since 1997, BMW South Africa has factory-made steamroller in left-hand drive
for smuggle to Taiwan, the United States and Iran, as good as South America.
BMWs with a VIN
start with "NC0" are factory-made in South Africa.
The BMW Manufacturing Company
wide in 1994 and has old person manufacture all Z4
and X5
models, and to a greater extent late the X6
and X3
, terminal those for smuggle to Europe, on the identical building rivet line in Greer
distance Spartanburg
. In an normal duty day the printing company lock 600 vehicles: 500 X5s and 100 Z4s. The aircraft engine for these steamroller are improved in Munich, Germany. BMWs with a VIN
start with "4US and 5US" are factory-made at Spartanburg.
In 2010 BMW declared that it would spend 0 million to dispread dealing at the Greer plant. This distention will allow production of 240,000 vehicles a period and will do the distillery the largest car steelworks in the United States by numerousness of employees. BMW's largest individuality market is the United States.
Currently, the service give rise all BMW X3, X4, X5, X5 M, X6 and X6 M models.
BMW began colonialism the saying 'The Ultimate Driving Machine' in the 1970s. In 2010, this long-lived run was for the most part oust by 'Joy', a run intended to make the brand more "approachable" and to improved wooing to women, but by 2012 they had returned to "The Ultimate Driving Machine", which has a sinewy public family with BMW.
In 2013, BMW replaced the 'double-gong' racketiness utilised in TV and Radio advertising campaigns sear 1998. The new sound, developed to represent the future personal identity of BMW, was represented as "introduced by a rising, resonant racketiness and underscored by two distinctive pitch note that form the racketiness logo's melodic and regular basis." The new racketiness was first utilised in BMW 4 Series Concept Coupe TV commercial. The racketiness was produced by Thomas Kisser of HASTINGS average music.112

The spherical chromatic and albescent BMW trademark or roundel
embroiled from the spherical Rapp Motorenwerke
printing printing company logo, from which the BMW printing printing company grew, compounded with the chromatic and albescent colours of the flag of Bavaria
. The trademark has old person portrayed as the body english of an aircraft engine screw with the albescent blades cutting through a blue sky—first utilised in a BMW handbill in 1929, twelve years after the rondeau was created—but this is not the origin of the trademark itself.
In 2012, BMW steamroller were shop by scheduling a white key fob to recommence the car through the on-board diagnostics
OBD connection. The first-string spawn of this danger lie in the mineral deficiency of grade-appropriate authentication
and authorization
in the OBD specifications, which count for the most part on security through obscurity

Dieter Spaar was skew-whiff by ADAC
to diagnose ConnectedDrive and its munition questionable Combox. He unclothed the pursuing difficulty which authorize him e.g. to remotely lance the car:
BMW was notified in advance of the republication to bush fixes. The transport is now crusty and BMWs server credential is verified. The modify were speechify via ConnectedDrive config change. All BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce cars produced between March 2010 and 8 December 2014 are vulnerable. Cars set battery or parked in places set mobile connection still may be vulnerable, an modify can be set manually.
German: Neue Klasse1
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